About Us

We are a crafting course website. We did build a website with crafting in mind. Everything about making crafts can be found on our site. From papers to textiles, we are going to make use of various materials for you to experiment on and develop your skills in building and making crafts.

Table of Contents

Who We Are

We are a group of people who have a passion for arts and crafts. Even before we became moms, our group of friends was into making crafts as hobbies. We go from school to school teaching children and other moms about producing beautiful objects out of ordinary materials. Our skills range from intermediate to advanced levels. Our website visitors can take advantage of the opportunity of learning and developing a new skill through our site.

What Do We Offer

We offer free training courses for our followers and subscribers. We want to create a community of crafters who can help each other out and motivate one another into completing and finishing a project. Everyone can use our website to build their skills from beginner to intermediate to advanced and then to expert. You hold on to your passion as an individual pursuing his or her dreams. It is all about taking on the lessons one step at a time. And you have this community to back you up.